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A Legendary Theme Park Like No Other:
Land of Legends is much more than just a theme park; it’s a realm of enchantment and excitement. Spanning over 2.5 million square feet, this sprawling complex offers a range of thrilling rides, water-based adventures, and incredible entertainment for visitors of all ages. From exhilarating roller coasters to simulated tropical rainforests, the Land of Legends captures the imagination and leaves you with unforgettable memories.

Land of Legends night in Belek, Turkey, offers an enchanting and thrilling night tour that promises an unforgettable experience for visitors. As the sun sets, the Land of Legends transforms into a mesmerizing world of entertainment, bringing together captivating shows, vibrant nightlife, and exciting attractions to create a truly magical atmosphere.

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Upon entering the Land of Legends at night, visitors are greeted by a captivating display of colorful lights and vibrant energy. The entire complex comes to life in the evening, with its enchanting ambiance drawing visitors in and setting the stage for a night of excitement and wonder.

One of the highlights of the Land of legends night tour is the spectacular evening shows that are presented in the park. These shows, ranging from acrobatics to music and dance performances, showcase the incredible talent and artistry of the performers. The combination of stunning visuals, mesmerizing soundtracks, and skillful choreography creates a truly immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

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For those seeking thrills, the night tour at Land of Legends night tour offers the chance to experience the park’s exhilarating rides and attractions under the night sky. Whether it’s taking a plunge down a towering waterslide or embarking on a heart-pounding roller coaster ride, the park’s attractions take on a whole new level of excitement after dark.

In addition to the shows and rides, Land of Legends night tour also provides a variety of dining and entertainment options for visitors. The park’s restaurants and food stalls offer a wide range of delicious cuisine, allowing guests to indulge in a memorable dining experience while enjoying the lively atmosphere of the park at night.

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As the evening unfolds, the park’s vibrant nightlife comes alive with a diverse array of entertainment options. From live music performances to DJ sets and themed parties, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy the  Land of Legends night tour. The park’s energetic and dynamic nightlife scene ensures that visitors can dance, socialize, and create lasting memories in a truly unique setting.

Moreover, the Land of Legends night tour offers opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation as well. Guests can unwind and take in the enchanting surroundings, perhaps with a leisurely stroll through the park’s beautifully illuminated pathways or by enjoying a tranquil moment by the water features.

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Overall, the night tour at Land of Legends night tour in Belek is a captivating and immersive experience that combines the magic of nighttime entertainment with the allure of the park’s thrilling rides, spectacular shows, and vibrant nightlife. Whether visiting with family, friends, or as a couple, the night tour at Land of Legends promises an unforgettable and enchanting experience that will leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

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We wish you unforgettable memories during your holiday in Alanya Turkey.

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* Pick-up from hotels/apartments from Alanya, Transfer to The land of legends complex

– Free time to explore the Land of Legends Complex (avenue,shoping,cafe area)

* Watch the shows, Leave the Land of legends complex at 23:00

* Drop off at hotels/apartments in Alanya


* Pick up/drop off from hotels and apartments in Alanya ,Driver & Guide,Shows,boat parade


* Personal expenses, Dinner


*It is allowed to take your mobile phone and camera


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